General Dynamics Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion-Nitsche
  • TITLE: General Dynamics Nuclear Fusion
  • ARTIST: Nitsche, Eric
  • YEAR: 1958
  • MEDIUM: Lithograph
  • DIMENSIONS: 50 X 35
  • CONDITION: A Condition Off
  • PRICE RANGE: $2000- $3000

This is an original vintage poster, archivally mounted on linen for preservation, created by Eric Nitsche in 1957, and measures 50 x 35 inches..Stone lithography. This Swiss born graphic designer is arguably one of the last, great MODERN design pioneers. Born in 1908, Erik Nitsche is best remembered for his series of posters done for General Dynamics, where he served as Art Director from 1955-1965. These images rank among the most impressive corporate identity campaigns of the 20th century. His first series, Atoms for Peace, consisted of 6 posters designed for the General Dynamics exhibition at the International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy in Geneva in 1955. They were printed and designed in languages specifically from those nations where atomic energy was being used for peaceful purposes. Each poster identified a particular aspect of General Dynamics’ research.